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Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.10.26

Without a doubt, the biggest news this week is that Microsoft has completed its acquisition of GitHub. The future is bright, and I can't wait to see how people will continue to use GitHub and Azure DevOps together. This partnership opens a new door of possibilities for developers, and I'm so excited to see what we'll build together.

Share your Azure DevOps feature suggestions with us

Customer feedback is critical to helping us improve Azure DevOps. Over the years we’ve addressed thousands of issues and suggestions originating from our users through many different channels. In order for us to collaborate with you more effectively, we’ve been improving our feedback channels along the way so that they provide us more real time information and the feedback lands directly in our systems.

Test Analytics in Azure Pipelines is now at your fingertips

You have walked the right path, adopted DevOps, setup tools for CI and CD and embraced continuous testing all the way in your software development process. Are you done? Keeping the pipeline healthy and making it effective is KEY to your DevOps ongoing journey. Some time back we introduced Analytics in Azure Pipeline with Top failing tests ...

ExpressRoute for Azure DevOps

Today we are excited to announce that Azure DevOps is now available over Azure ExpressRoute. Customers who typically operate in the government and financial services sectors have requested this support because they want private connections that don’t go over the public Internet for security reasons. ExpressRoute also typically offers them more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical Internet connections.

Microsoft’s Developer Blogs are Getting an Update

The Microsoft DevOps blog will move to a new platform with a modern, clean design and powerful features that will make it easy for you to discover and share great content. The DevOps blog, along with a select few others, will move to a new URL, followed by additional Microsoft developer blogs transitioning over the coming weeks.

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.10.12

I'm back! One of the great privileges of my job is that I get to spend a lot of time talking to customers about DevOps. But that often means a lot of time on the road, and stepping away from drinking at the firehose of great content coming from the Azure DevOps community. But now that I'm back in the office, I've found a great bunch of DevOps links.