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Introducing Service Principal and Managed Identity support on Azure DevOps

We are proud to announce that Service Principals and Managed Identities can now be used to authenticate with Azure DevOps. For those who have not heard of them before, these Azure Active Directory identities enable teams to gain access to your Azure DevOps organizations acting as their own application, not as a human user or service account...

Publishing extensions to Marketplace issue resolved

We have resolved a known issue regarding publishing extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. If you’ve run into the error message: “Your ability to create global personal access tokens (PATs) is restricted by your organization.”, this is likely because your administrator has enabled a policy to restrict the creation of global ...

Reconfigure Azure DevOps Server to use Kerberos instead of NTLM

Multiple on-prem customers have reported that after upgrading Git LFS to version 3.0 (or higher), they are no longer able to authenticate against Azure DevOps Server. This is because Git LFS has dropped support for NTLM authentication in version 3.0 (Changelog from 24th September 2021). While it is possible to roll back Git LFS to the last 2....

Opt-in to Auditing on Azure DevOps

Auditing has now been made an opt-in feature on Azure DevOps and will only be available to organizations that are connected to Azure Active Directory. While Auditing is still in public preview at the moment, the ability to enable and disable Auditing in your organizations is now available. You should see these changes in your settings within ...

IPv6 fencing Conditional Access Policies now supported

We are now extending our CAP support to also include IPv6 fencing policies. As we see people increasingly access Azure DevOps resources on devices from IPv6 addresses, we want to ensure that your teams are equipped to grant and remove access from any IP address.

Personal Access Token Lifecycle APIs now publicly available

Since releasing our Personal Access Token (PAT) Lifecycle Management APIs in private preview last month, we’ve received overwhelming interest from folks who are looking for a more robust alternative to the existing UI for creating and managing their PATs. We are happy to announce that these APIs are now available to the general audience.

Billing and Token Management events now available in Auditing

We’re happy to announce two new event types are now available in the auditing logs: (1) Billing setup and management events, and (2) Personal Access Tokens (PATs) and SSH Keys management events.

New Personal Access Token Lifecycle APIs in private preview

We’re happy to announce the release of our new APIs to manage the lifecycle of Personal Access Tokens (PATs) on Azure DevOps, which allow your team to manage PATs they own, offering them new functionality, such as creating new PATs with a desired scope and duration, renewing existing PATs, or expiring existing PATs.