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Customers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 should upgrade the OS on Self-hosted agents

RHEL 6 & .NET Core 3.1The current versions of the Azure Pipelines agent across all OSes depend on .NET Core 3.1. .NET Core 3.1 no longer ships updates for RHEL 6, including security related patches. We will be updating the .NET Core 3.1 (minor) version to keep it up-to-date for other operating systems. As part of this update we will drop...

Node runner update guidance for Azure Pipelines task authors

IntroductionThis blog post contains important guidance for Azure Pipelines task authors. Task authors are developers that create custom pipeline tasks that are published on the Marketplace and/or used internally in their organization.BackgroundAzure Pipeline tasks are executed using Task runners, which in turn are bundled with and ...

Hosted Pipelines Image Deprecation

Microsoft-hosted Pipelines provides images for the 2 latest versions of macOS, Windows & Ubuntu. In this blog post we want to update you on recent and upcoming changes for each of those operating systems.

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