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Track the progress of work using Rollup columns

How is our Feature progressing? As simple and common as this question is, it’s a hard one to answer. Especially if your Feature is complex and is composed of multiple User Stories and Tasks. With Sprint 157 Update you will be able to answer this using Rollup in Azure Boards backlog view. What is rollup? Rollup is an aggregation displayed ...

Azure DevOps Demo Generator is now open source

The Azure DevOps Demo Generator is a community operated service that provisions template-based projects inside your Azure DevOps organization. Today we've published the source code for Demo Generator under the MIT License and welcome community participation. We've also enabled the ability to generate and use your own custom templates!

Team Safety with the Anonymous Fist to Five method

The success of any agile team is built on the shoulders of its individuals and their ability to work as a team. Those individuals need to feel safe to express their ideas and thoughts without other members passing judgement on each other. For every great idea your team has, there are dozens of other ideas that don't stick. If team members are ...