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DevOps Dojo – Experiential Learning

Dojos at Microsoft learn DevOps through Experiential Learning. To embrace the DevOps culture of experimentation, we various experiments in DevOps learning, it includes learning from experts and peers, self-learning, learning through teaching, writing, and playing, learning through pairing, and learned how to unlearn and relearn.

AzureFunBytes – Intro to Azure Data Factory with @KromerBigData

This week on AzureFunBytes, I am joined by Principal Program Manager, Mark Kromer about how to store and process our big data with Azure Data Factory. Mark will discuss the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process that gets our data into Azure Data Factory. I ask Mark how can we transfer the data we might have to Azure?

AzureFunBytes Presents: Migrating Your Data – Create Your Cosmos DB

Databases are complex beasts from an operational standpoint. There are a number of tasks that in the past had been laid at the feet of people known as Ops or DBA. Those tasks typically involve scaling your database servers, handling performance, ensuring backups, and monitoring. Let’s not forget licensing for your Enterprise database server.