Jessica Deen

Senior Cloud Advocate, Cloud Advocacy

Jessica is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft focusing on Azure, Infrastructure, DevOps, and OSS. Prior to joining Microsoft, she spent over a decade as an IT Consultant / Systems Administrator for various corporate and enterprise environments, catering to end users and IT professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jessica holds three Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MSTS, Azure Infrastructure), 3 CompTIA certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+), 4 Apple Certifications, and is a former 4-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows and Devices for IT. In 2013, she also achieved her FEMA Professional Development Series (PDS) certification from the U.S Department of Homeland Security, which recognizes her communication, leadership, influence, problem solving, and decision making abilities during times of crisis and emergency.

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Rearchitecting for MicroServices: Featuring Windows & Linux Containers

Are you following our On-Prem to the Cloud Series via the DevOps Lab on Channel 9? If not, you should be! In this week's episode, which falls right at number 8, we continue to build on the skills we have learned throughout each episode. So far we have managed to take our Mercury Health application from our on-prem server and it now runs in ...

Azure Friday: Best practices for Azure Container Instances (ACI) with GitHub Actions

What are Azure Container Instances? Azure Container Instances (ACI) allow for a quick, simple, and cost effective way to run serverless containers in production. ACI is a GA (generally available) service for hosting serverless containerized workloads​, including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines, serverless batch jobs, and API ...

Developing with Confidence (even in an Abstracted world)

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to have complete confidence in your DevOps process? Do you have confidence now in your current solution, pipeline, workflow, and / or application code? Having true confidence in what you built - the quality, reliability, and strength of what you constructed - is challenging regardless of your ...

Things to consider when running visual tests in CI/CD pipelines: Container Pipeline Edition (Part 3)

What is a container based pipeline? In short, it's a pipeline where *each* task runs in a container. The benefit of this is I don't need to spend time configuring my build server or build environment with *all* the necessary dependencies and binaries needed for my pipeline.

Things to consider when running visual tests in CI/CD pipelines: Azure Devops & GitHub Actions (Part 2)

Join us for the second post in this blog series, "Things to consider when running visual tests in CI/CD pipelines", where we focus on the pipeline based CI/CD method!

Things to consider when running visual tests in CI/CD pipelines: Getting Started (Part 1)

Testing - it's an important part of a developer's day-to-day, but it's also crucial to the operations engineer. In a world where DevOps is more than just a buzzword, where it's become accepted as a mindset shift and culture change, we *all* need to consider running quality tests.