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Developing in the cloud with SQL Server Big Data Clusters: Run and Monitor Apps

As the last part of the series of working with big data analytics solutions in Kubernetes, we learned about how to work with cloud-native applications with BDC. Operating and testing are also essential parts as an enterprise-grade solution. This article will walk you through how to run and monitoring apps to SQL Server Big Data Clusters (...

Developing in the cloud with SQL Server Big Data Clusters: Develop and Deploy Apps

Kubernetes is designed to support an open platform to support a diverse variety of containerized workloads including both stateless and stateful and data-processing workloads. Technically any application can be containerized, it can be up and running in Kubernetes. As a cloud-native platform, Kubernetes is available to deploy cloud-native ...

Azure SQL for Beginners – Video Playlist

Easily translate your SQL Server skills and experience to Azure SQL - using familiar tools and techniques. Insiders Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman walk you through configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting database security, performance, and availability in this Azure SQL video series on more than 60 topics.

Developing in the cloud with SQL Server Big Data Clusters: Getting Started

When it comes to innovation, we realized that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. One of the biggest challenges we’re having today is how to integrate disparate data sources from many different places. If you're looking into how to work on Big Data Analytics solutions in Kubernetes, that's where Big Data Clusters...

Querying and visualizing data using SQLPad

SQLPad is an amazing free, open source, tool to run SQL Queries against a broad spectrum of popular databases, without the need to install and run something on-premises. It's lightweight, simple and just perfect if you need a no-frills tool to query and visualize data, to do some data exploration.

Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0.0 is now available

Microsoft.Data.SqlClient version 2.0.0 has been released, with several interesting features. Make sure you check it out if you are a .NET developer and you are using Azure SQL or SQL Server in your solutions. Microsoft.Data.SqlClient is the new, open source, official data access library that replaces System.Data.SqlClient

Go Azure SQL!

Go is a very popular programming language for developing microservices, Web APIs and other server-side applications, and Azure SQL can definitely be an option where to persist data for these applications in a scalable, reliable and modern way leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Driver for Go and ORM packages like Gorm. Give it a try!