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Summer 2023 Update for Azure SQL Database External REST Endpoint Invocation

(image) Summer 2023 REST Endpoint Invocation Update Welcome to the Summer 2023 REST Endpoint Invocation update post! This summer, we updated the External REST Endpoints Invocation feature with a few key fixes and additions to help you use more Azure Services with your Azure SQL Database. The feature was released to public preview last year ...

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers: a book to learn how to take advantage of the all the breakthrough technologies available in Azure SQL like columnstore, in-memory lock-free tables, row-level-security, graph and geospatial support to create modern, scalable and secure applications.

JSON in your Azure SQL Database? Let’s benchmark some options!

Introduction Storing and retrieving data from JSON fragments is a common need in many application scenarios, like IoT solutions or microservice-based architectures. You can persist these fragments can be in a variety of data stores, from blob or file shares, to relational and non-relational databases, and there’s a long standing debate in...

10 reasons to use Azure SQL in your next project

There are many database technologies available on Azure that you can choose from. Why would you use Azure SQL? Let me show you why, using just 10 simple points: from JSON support to ColumnStore, through Geospatial and Temporal queries, Non-Blocking transaction, Encryption and Row-Level Security and the amazing Intelligent Query Optimizer.