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Developing with Azure SQL bindings and Azure SQL trigger for Azure Functions

The Azure Functions SQL trigger will invoke an Azure Function when data is changed in a SQL database table, enabling new event-driven scenarios with SQL database. Accessing data in a SQL database with Azure Functions can be accomplished more quickly with the Azure SQL bindings for Azure Functions integration.  Azure SQL bindings for Azure ...

Modern application development with Prisma, GraphQL (or REST) and Azure SQL

Prisma is an open-source next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript that eliminates many of the usual challenges that developers face, making you more productive and confident when building data-intensive applications. You can use it as an alternative to traditional ORMs and SQL query builders to read and write data to your database.

Seasons of Serverless Challenge 3: Azure TypeScript Functions and Azure SQL Database serverless

Throughout the next seven weeks we'll be sharing a solution to the week's Seasons of Serverless challenge that integrates Azure SQL Database serverless with Azure serverless compute. Learn how to develop an Azure Function that leverages Azure SQL database serverless and TypeScript with Challenge 3 of the Seasons of Serverless challenge.

Promises, Node, Tedious, Azure SQL. Oh My!

(image) If you are new to Node.js like I am, using Tedious to access Azure SQL can be challenging at the beginning. My understanding is that Tedious, while being fully asynchronous, doesn't support nor Promises nor the more modern async/await pattern. Tedious, in fact, uses events to execute asynchronous code and so a bit of work is...