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New Azure SQL Database free offer

We are excited to announce the public preview of the new Azure SQL Database free offer that gives you a fully featured Azure SQL serverless database with a free amount of 100,000 vCore seconds of compute and 32 GB of storage plus 32 GB of backup storage every month, for the lifetime of your subscription. This offer is available for one ...

Data API builder Now Supports ENV Files

In September, Data API builder (DAB) revved with some great new features. In this article we’ll talk about controlling environment variables with ENV files. What is Data API builder? DAB is an open source, cross-platform engine that creates instant REST & GraphQL APIs for your database - MySQL, Postgres, Cosmos DB or Microsoft SQL. Without any code, DAB uses only a JSON configuration file that explains how to access your data and what objects to expose.

Using OpenAI REST Endpoints with Azure SQL Database

Everyone loves OpenAI these days as it can do some amazing things. Here, I asked it to create a picture of a cat in a data center: (image) (Go ahead and click the image to see a bigger version of this nightmare fuel) Incredible!!!! But how can we use OpenAI in real world applications and scenarios with Azure SQL Database? Using ...