Davide Mauri

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL

I started as a developer, I fell in love with Data and Database, in all their forms. I still have a passion for development (C# and Python). My focus has been databases and performance tuning, focusing both on transactional and analytical workloads. For 5 years I helped developers to get the best out of SQL Server, then I moved to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for 10 years. Then I moved to IoT and Big Data for a while. Now back to database space, as Product Manager for Azure SQL Database, helping developers to re-discover SQL, using any platform and any OS.

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Vector Similarity Search with Azure SQL database and OpenAI

Vector databases are gaining quite a lot of interest lately. Using text embeddings and vector operations makes extremely easy to find similar “things”. Things can be articles, photos, products...everything. As one can easily imagine, this ability is great to easily implement suggestions in applications. From providing suggestions on ...

Data API builder for Azure SQL Databases – Public Preview

I am extremely happy and excited to announce the public preview of Data API builder for Azure SQL Databases. Data API builder is a new product that we are adding to the developer’s toolset to help every developer to be more efficient and effective, by instantly and securely turning Azure SQL Databases into a modern REST and GraphQL API. ...

CTEs, Views or Temp Tables?

I've just finished watching the video from the @GuyInACube about Common Table Expressions and I noticed that in several comments there was the request to explain what is the difference between Common Table Expressions, Views and Temp Tables. This is quite a common question, and it is time to give it a simple, concise, and clear answer...

Azure SQL Database External REST Endpoints Integration Public Preview

The ability to call a REST endpoint natively from Azure SQL Database, which was made available via an Early Adopter Preview in May, is now moving to Public Preview. I'm extremely happy that as of today the new system stored procedure sp_invoke_external_rest_endpoint is available to everyone, automatically and transparently: you can use it ...

Announcing the “Azure SQL Database External REST Endpoints Integration” Early Adoption Program

A new, exciting capability for Azure SQL Database has been announced today at //Build: Azure SQL Database has a new built-in feature that allows native integration with external REST endpoints. This means that integration of Azure SQL Database with Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, Event Hubs, Event Grid, Azure ...

Azure SQL Database Change Stream with Debezium

Azure SQL Database and in general the SQL Server engine allows developers to easily get only the changed data from the last time they queried the database. More precisely, there are two features that allow us to do this and much more, providing capabilities to query for changes happened from and to any point in time. The two features are ...

Create and connect to an Azure SQL DB in 6 easy steps

There are many ways in which an Azure SQL database can be created, and if you are new to the development all those different options can be quite intimidating. Let me show you, in just a few steps, how easy it is instead. This is what we are going to do: Create a resource group Create an Azure SQL logical server Create an Azure ...

Automatic GraphQL and REST endpoint for Azure SQL with Directus

Extremely performant and built entirely on Node.js, Directus is an open-source Data Platform that installs as a layer on top of your existing SQL database, so that you can you instantly get a dynamic API (REST and GraphQL) to your database

Modern application development with Prisma, GraphQL (or REST) and Azure SQL

Prisma is an open-source next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript that eliminates many of the usual challenges that developers face, making you more productive and confident when building data-intensive applications. You can use it as an alternative to traditional ORMs and SQL query builders to read and write data to your database.

Dev life is easy with node-mssql

The node-mssql package simplify a lot the process of connecting and using Azure SQL with Node