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Using Python and Azure Functions to send data from Azure SQL Database

When building applications on Azure SQL, one of the most flexible ways to send data from your database to other systems is to use Azure Functions. Azure Functions are serverless functions that can be triggered by a variety of events, including HTTP requests, timers, and Azure SQL Database changes. In this article, we will discuss how to send ...

Planning new scenarios and use cases for Azure SQL Database local development experience!

At Microsoft Build 2022 we've announced the new Azure SQL Database local development experience to the world. The combination of Visual Studio Code and Azure Data Studio extensions in addition to the new Azure SQL Database emulator for local and offline database development are aimed to significantly improve developers' experience and boost ...

Create REST API in Python with Django, using the Django REST Framework and Azure SQL

Django is a Python-based open-source web framework. It is a popular and well-liked web framework among developers all around the world. But wouldn't it be amazing to build a website with Django while also taking advantage of Azure SQL database's security, performance, high availability, and other great capabilities? In this article, we will...

Seasons of Serverless Challenge 1: Azure Functions and Azure SQL Database serverless

Throughout the next seven weeks we'll be sharing a solution to the week's Seasons of Serverless challenge that integrates Azure SQL Database serverless with Azure serverless compute. Learn how to develop an Azure Function that leverages Azure SQL database serverless with Challenge 1 of the Seasons of Serverless challenge.

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers: a book to learn how to take advantage of the all the breakthrough technologies available in Azure SQL like columnstore, in-memory lock-free tables, row-level-security, graph and geospatial support to create modern, scalable and secure applications.