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Image of the VS Exception Helper with an Async exception
Exception Helper – Rethrown Exceptions
Ever had a bug in an async method that caused an exception? Been frustrated that the debugger doesn't show you where that exception happened? Or been frustrated when looking at an exception that has an inner exception, but the debugger doesn't easily show you where that exception was from? Starting from the Visual Studio 2019 16.5 release, the
vsmac pack command
Creating and Packaging a .NET Standard library
In this post we will cover how you can create a .NET Standard library and then share that with other developers via NuGet. We will be demonstrating this with Visual Studio for Mac, but you can also follow along with Visual Studio, or Visual Studio Code when using the dotnet CLI. If you are on macOS, and haven’t already download Visual Studio
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Bring your own machine to Visual Studio Online
Today Visual Studio Online provides fully-managed, on-demand, ready-to-code development environments in the cloud, but did you know you can also register your own machines and access them remotely from Visual Studio Code or our web editor? This is a great option for developers that want to cloud-connect an already configured work or home machi
Visual Studio for Mac Integrated Terminal
Meet Visual Studio for Mac’s New Integrated Terminal!
Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Preview now includes an integrated terminal, with support for themes, search, multiple instances, and integration with the macOS terminal history. Read about the new features and find out how to try it out today!
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A guide to remote development with Live Share
Working in a fully distributed, remote team requires sophisticated collaboration technology, which needs to be both supercharged and frictionless. Visual Studio Live Share was built on the bold principle of making remote developer collaboration as powerful and natural as in-person collaboration. We knew that our paradigm: “share you
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Visual Studio Subscriptions resources for remote learning and productivity
The Visual Studio Subscriptions team wants to do everything we can to support you, wherever you’re at during this tough time. We’ve got some suggestions for staying productive at home, and ways that you can take advantage of benefits in your Visual Studio subscription to maximize this time of great uncertainty.