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Jakarta EE on Azure – July 2023

Hi everyone, welcome to July update for Jakarta EE on Azure. Microsoft partners with Jakarta EE application server vendors to create Azure Marketplace offers that allow customers to quickly deploy their software on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Besides, lots of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile topics are...

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Microsoft Graph for SharePoint Pages public preview - update

The Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint pages has been in the public preview stage since early 2023. We have seen consistent usage, growth, and feedback from our community. Based on the beta API usage feedback we are making changes to improve the overall experience in preparation for the V1.0 release in next few months.

OpenAI chat functions on Android

Hello prompt engineers, OpenAI recently announced a new feature – function calling – that makes it easier to extend the chat API with external data and functionality. This post will walk through the code to implement a “chat function” in the JetchatAI sample app (discussed in earlier posts). Following the function ...

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Azure DevOps 2023 Q3 Roadmap update

Yesterday, we published updates to our product roadmap. It outlines our plans for the next two quarters, and future investments. The features listed below are a few highlights of what we plan to deliver in Q3. Visit our product roadmap for a complete look at the list of features for Q4. We are excited about the future and the impact the ...

Visualize Macro Expansion for C++

We are excited to announce the availability of Visualize Macro Expansion in Visual Studio 17.7 Preview. This feature lets you visualize the step-by-step expansion of macros. To begin utilizing this feature, ensure that you update to the latest version of Visual Studio Preview. Visualize Macro Expansion Visual Studio has introduced an ...