Andrei Ermilov

I am a software engineer with expertise in developing applications, games and websites as well as driving projects as technical lead and facilitating creative solutions. I am motivated with a great passion for technology, and thrive in a fast-paced creative environment where I can help turn ideas into reality. I have experience in leading face-to-face customer meetings, presenting technical subjects and training team members. I strive to create great working relationships with stakeholders through strong communication skills. My goal is to become an industry expert and work in a creative team that designs and builds innovative products which have a positive impact in everyone’s lives.

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Real-time Streaming Of 3D Enterprise Applications From The Cloud To Low-powered Devices

Microsoft recently partnered with AVEVA, an engineering, design and management software provider to the Power, Oil & Gas and Marine industries. AVEVA’s challenge is one that is becoming more and more common in the construction visualization space: ever increasing complexity of 3D data that needs to be highly interactive to a customer ...

Voronoi Selection for Cancer Drug Network Visualization in Mixed Reality

We developed a Voronoi selection feature to improve the node selection experience in a HoloLens app that enables physicians to visualize cancer drug networks in 3D.

Improving Speech and Intent Recognition on iOS

Based on a solution used in Cities Unlocked, developers can create great voice recognition and command execution on iOS using Cognitive Services and LUIS.