Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.10.19

Edward Thomson

It’s another Friday, and I’ve spent another week talking to customers about their DevOps journey. And it’s another week of amazing content about DevOps on the Microsoft cloud from the community.

Azure Pipelines YAML – uh, what do I type? The new YAML configuration in Azure Pipelines helps you manage your build pipeline with configuration as code. But… what goes in that YAML file? Damian Brady introduces you to the YAML files and how to create them if you’re used to the visual designer.

Distribute your blessed ARM templates with Universal Packages in Azure DevOps Moving to “Rugged DevOps” *mdash; and improving the security of your development process — makes you carefully examine the libraries and scripts you rely on and use DevOps practices for managing them. You can even push the results into Azure Artifacts.

Secret Management: Config Builders Whether it’s database credentials or deployment secrets, you’ve probably got some sensitive data that you want to keep private as part of your pipeline. Henry Been has looked at a few options, culminating in Azure KeyVault, which can keep your secrets escure.

Automating Release Notes with Azure Functions Your users rely on your release notes to understand what’s changed in your application, but creating accurate and updated release notes is a challenge. Jasmine Greenaway introduces the Release Notes Generator, which automatically creates a markdown file every time a new release is created in Azure DevOps.

Radio TFS: Tasks and Release Gates with Jesse Houwing Greg Duncan is joined by Microsoft MVP Jesse Houwing and talk about the Global DevOps Bootcamp, Release Gates, CI/CD tasks for your Azure DevOps, and more.

Azure in the Enterprise: Moving thousands of employees and projects from TFS to Azure DevOps Abel Wang talks with Henry Dixon about Microsoft’s internal IT organization — Core Services Engineering — and their migration from multiple TFS servers to a single Azure DevOps project that includes thousands of builds, releases and more.

Did you find some great content about Azure DevOps or DevOps on the Microsoft platform? Drop me a line on Twitter – I’m @ethomson.


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