Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.10.12

Edward Thomson

I’m back! One of the great privileges of my job is that I get to spend a lot of time talking to customers about DevOps. But that often means a lot of time on the road, and stepping away from drinking at the firehose of great content coming from the Azure DevOps community. But now that I’m back in the office, I’ve found a great bunch of DevOps links:

Five Things about Azure DevOps I’m not sure that Burke understands how therapy animals work, but I am sure that Damian and Burke understand Azure DevOps. Not only do you get to see bunnies that attack, and Burke attempting a terrible Australian accent, but you get to see how we bleeped our then-secret name change in front of the audience at Microsoft Build.

Performance Tuning an Azure DevOps Build Configuration Having fast continuous integration build and test pipelines is one of the keys to increased velocity and faster delivery. Jeffrey Palermo has a few tips to keep your builds fast using Azure Pipelines.

Azure DevOps – Never manually create a Docker container again! Azure DevOps isn’t just for developers – it’s useful for your infrastructure team, too. Justin Paul shows you how to build a continuous integration pipeline to save time building Docker containers. You can take the newest code and deliver a docker image to a registry so that you can start consuming it immediately.

Azure DevOps Task Group Wanting to reuse a sequence of tasks in an Azure Pipeline? Panu Oksala shows you how to create a Task Group, encapsulating several task steps so that they can be added to another build or release pipeline, like any other task.

Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 5: Dave McKinstry on Integrating Azure DevOps and the Culture of DevOps Dave McKinstry, a Program Manager for Azure DevOps, joins Jeffrey to talk about his journey through the DevOps industry, how to move forward with automated deployment, what a modern skillset looks like in today’s DevOps environment, and more.

Azure DevOps Pipelines and Sonar Cloud gives free analysis to your OS project Azure Pipelines helps you build your open source project freely, without installing any software – and SonarCloud offers free cloud-hosted static code analysis for your open source project, also without having to install any software. Gian Maria Ricci shows you the value in combining these two tools.

Did you find some great content about Azure DevOps or DevOps on the Microsoft platform? Drop me a line on Twitter – I’m @ethomson.


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