Azure DevOps Roadmap update for 2018 Q4

Alex Nichols

In order to provide you with visibility into several of our key investments, we post quarterly updates to the roadmap on our Features Timeline page. Today, we’re sharing the latest for the final quarter of this calendar year. You’ll notice items are grouped by the quarter we anticipate delivering the feature to the hosted service and denote the version of the on-premises Azure DevOps Server we expect the feature to be included in.

With today’s post, we’re excited to share a public roadmap project that sits behind the page on Microsoft Docs to enable you to drill into details of a particular item. Simply navigate to the Features Timeline page and click on one of the roadmap items. Below are a few items that are particularly noteworthy.

Azure Boards: Work Item support for Markdown editing – 2019 Q1

All long text fields, such as Description and Repo Steps, plus the Discussion will support Markdown editing.

Azure Repos: GVFS for Mac – Public Preview – 2019 Q1

While GVFS got it start in supporting the development of Windows, the largest Git repository on earth, that isn’t the only massive repository at Microsoft. Office also has a lot of code, as you can imagine, and shares a lot of it between their macOS/iOS and Windows products. Based on our work with the Office team, we plan to bring GVFS for Mac back out to the community as well in public preview.

Azure Pipelines: YAML editor in the web, YAML editing in Visual Studio Code, and public preview for release pipelines – 2018 Q4 / 2019 Q1

Last year we introduced YAML builds to give you another option for defining and evolving your continuous integration builds as your code evolves. We want to make it even easier to work with YAML build definitions by providing an enhanced editing experience in both the web and Visual Studio Code soon. We’re also looking forward to bringing YAML to release pipelines in public preview so that your deployments can evolve with your code too.

Azure Artifacts: Upstream sources for feeds across organizations with the same Azure Active Directory – 2018 Q4

As adoption of Azure DevOps Services has grown, especially in the enterprise, we’ve found that sharing across organizations is important to getting the most value out of Azure DevOps at scale. As we’ve done for work item linking, we’ll also enable upstream sources across organizations, so you can share code with the people who need it, no matter which team they are on.

Administration: Auditing – 2019 Q2

Azure DevOps is enterprise ready, which means it includes the scalable and reliable features enterprises around the world need. The next feature we’re investing in is a consistent and centralized auditing experience, which will start with security and project changes, then grow from there.

If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, head over to Azure DevOps Developer Community, which has been expanded to provide a single platform for both your problem reports and suggestions. Read Jeff’s post for more information about our recent transition from UserVoice to Developer Community.


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    I’m trying to follow links to the work items, but it shows that I’m not authorised. 

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    public preview for release pipelines
    is shown here but absent from the Features Timeline page, and I don’t have access to the page it’s linked to. Is there any information on the availability of this feature available elsewhere?

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