Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.10.26

Edward Thomson

Without a doubt, the biggest news this week is that Microsoft has completed its acquisition of GitHub. The future is bright, and I can’t wait to see how people will continue to use GitHub and Azure DevOps together. This partnership opens a new door of possibilities for developers, and I’m so excited to see what we’ll build together.

Implement an Azure DevOps Release Gate to ServiceNow The extension points and APIs in Azure DevOps make it easy to integrate with other tools, and I love seeing what people build. Colin Dembovsky has integrated Azure DevOps with ServiceNow to add release gates to Pipelines based on the state of change requests.

Containerized build pipeline in Azure DevOps Bringing a container to run your builds means that you get complete control over your build environment and dependencies. Geert van der Cruijsen shows you how to get the freedom to create an image that has all the tools required for you to execute your build, but the flexibility of running your builds on Azure Pipelines hosted build agents.

Integrating Packer into your Azure Pipeline Hashicorp’s Packer lets you take infrastructure as code to the next level and define VM images as code. Jamie Phillips shows you how to use the Packer extensions to Azure DevOps so that you can automate the creation and deployment of your images.

Using Azure DevOps Pipelines and NuKeeper to Automate NuGet Package updates What if you could not just discover when you had outdated dependencies – but actually send a PR to update them automatically? Shayne Boyer has a pipeline that does just that using Nukeeper to detect old dependencies and send a PR to a GitHub project.

Building an open source GitHub project using Azure DevOps When you’re maintaining an open source project, the more that you can automate, the happier you are. Andrew Lock has added Azure Pipelines builds to one of his projects to complement his existing CI and give him even more automation and validation of changes.


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