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Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS and Team Foundation Server)

VSTS: Lessons Learned Doing DevOps at Microsoft at Scale
Last week I gave a keynote on DevOps at VS Live! 2017 in Orlando. In this talk I cover four main things. The video is now online, and you can find the slides here. For more depth and topics on how we do DevOps with VSTS, go to aka.ms/LearnDevOps. Enjoy! Follow me at twitter.com/tfsbuck
Brand new office in North Carolina
Right after Thanksgiving we moved the North Carolina team to a brand new office in Morrisville, just two miles from our old location. We were at the previous location for more than 12 years. When we moved in there, we took the office space as it was. That meant a lot of randomly shaped offices of widely varying sizes. It served us well, but we
How to configure a TFS proxy to work with Team Services
If you are using Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) with Visual Studio Team Services, you can configure the Team Foundation Server Proxy to cache files for version control for your account. It’s very straightforward as the TFS configuration app will do the work for you. Let’s take a look at how to do that. I’m going through this with
Controlling exposure through feature flags in VS Team Services
One question that I often get from customers is how we manage exposing features in the service. Features may not be complete or need to be revealed at a particular time. We may want to get early feedback. With the team working in master and deploying every three-week sprint, let’s take a look at how we do this for Team Services. Goals Our fi
TFS 15 RC2 is available and ready for production use
We have now released TFS "15" RC2. We are using it in production internally. It is fully supported for production use. You can upgrade from TFS 2012 or newer to RC2. You can also upgrade the RC1 release to RC2, and you will be able to upgrade from RC2 to RTM (that should be a very fast upgrade, since there will be very few changes between RC2
Would you like SSH turned on for your Team Services account?
[Update 5/29/2016] We will be turning on SSH for all existing accounts once we finish deploying sprint 100 (hopefully by the end of this week). We are beginning to roll out SSH for Team Services accounts. If you would like SSH enabled for your account, please email me your account URL. We still need to implement support for brand new account
TFS 2015 Update 2: Gated checkin for the new build system (build vNext)
When we shipped the new build system with TFS 2015, we ran out of time to add gated checkin. A lot of customers depend on gated checkin for their workflows, and as a result they’ve been unable to move to the new build system. I’m happy to say we’ve now fixed that. Among the many features in TFS 2015 Update 2, including the new release ma
How to create a team project in the web UI in TFS 2015 Update 2
You no longer have to use the version of Visual Studio Team Explorer that matches your server to create a team project. For the first time ever, you can now create a team project from the web UI with Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 or newer. This is something you’ve been able to do in Visual Studio Team Services for years, and we’ve f
Using VS Team Services Web Hooks with Azure Functions
Today at the Build 2016 conference, Azure announced a new feature called Azure Functions. Here’s a quick description from the main page. Azure Functions is an event driven, compute-on-demand experience that extends the existing Azure application platform with capabilities to implement code triggered by events occurring in virtually any Azur
Using Zapier to email work items to my backlog in VSTS
I use the board view of the backlog in my VS Team Services personal account to keep track of my work. I’ve wanted to be able to email a work item to my backlog, and today I finally got around to doing it. It was really easy thanks to our Zapier integration. I signed up for Zapier using the link on the Marketplace page, and that was great bec