TFS 15 RC2 is available and ready for production use

Buck Hodges

We have now released TFS “15” RC2. We are using it in production internally. It is fully supported for production use. You can upgrade from TFS 2012 or newer to RC2. You can also upgrade the RC1 release to RC2, and you will be able to upgrade from RC2 to RTM (that should be a very fast upgrade, since there will be very few changes between RC2 and RTM).

Check out the Getting Started page as well as the Release Notes page, which also lists out the very long feature list.

Here are the requirements links.

Here are direct links to the downloads.

I’d love to get as many servers using it as possible for folks to give us feedback. We have a bunch of great new features.

  • Follow a work item – makes it super easy to track the progress on work that you care about.
  • Code search – Makes it easy to find code anywhere across your project.
  • Package management – Improves your ability to reuse components across your projects (both OSS and internally produced)
  • Improved Git web experiences, including revamped pull requests and branches pages – pull requests include a new auto-complete feature
  • Docker support – in build and release management.
  • Release management – the number of significant improvements and new capabilities is very large.
  • Parity between MTM and web TCM – We almost have parity now where all the things you are used to using MTM for, you can now use the web experience for.
  • Paid extensions – You can now purchase and install extensions in TFS

RTM is coming soon, so we’d love to get your feedback on the RC2 release!


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