Buck Hodges

Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS and Team Foundation Server)

Fix for Message Size Issue in Outlook 2010 Beta

If you are using Outlook 2010 Beta, you probably need this fix because all of your emails are huge.  It was killing me (and a bunch of other folks internally).  It is fixed in the recent RC, but most people don’t have access (it’s not a public RC).  The Office team has just posted a fix for this issue for folks using...

TFS client API changes from Beta 2 to RC

While I don’t have a comprehensive list, I do want to point out these four changes in particular because these classes are fundamental to the API.  If you have written code with the Beta 2 client API, here are the changes you will need to be aware of to use the RC client API. [UPDATE 2/12/10]  Jim Lamb has posted updated...

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