Buck Hodges

Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS and Team Foundation Server)

How to add the Team Foundation assemblies to the .NET tab in the VS Add Reference dialog

To write an app using the Team Foundation API, you're going to need to reference assemblies that are in the GAC.  It's not possible to add a reference to a .NET assembly in the GAC in VS when you need to add a reference to an assembly.The GAC'ed Team Foundation assemblies are also copied to the PrivateAssemblies folder under the VS ...

Disabling or changing output colors used by the command line (tf.exe)

In the forum, a user asked how to turn off the colors used in the output of the version control command line for Team Foundation (tf.exe).  I thought I'd repost it here.Question When tf.exe (beta 3 refresh version) displays an error message the text is colored in yellow on black. My command prompt windows usually have black text on white ...

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