TFS 2015 Update 2: Gated checkin for the new build system (build vNext)

Buck Hodges

When we shipped the new build system with TFS 2015, we ran out of time to add gated checkin. A lot of customers depend on gated checkin for their workflows, and as a result they’ve been unable to move to the new build system. I’m happy to say we’ve now fixed that.

Among the many features in TFS 2015 Update 2, including the new release management service and extensions, we’ve added support for gated checkin with Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for the new task-based build system (previously called build vNext to distinguish it from the old XAML-based build system).

When you create a new build definition for use with TFVC, you’ll find a new Gated Check-in option in the Triggers tab.


If you are using Git instead and want gated checkin, take a look at using branch policies.

Want to know what’s coming? Check out our roadmap.


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