Buck Hodges

Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS and Team Foundation Server)

TFS 11 Beta upgrade: Existing workflows that have custom workflow activities using the TFS client OM

Duat, a developer on Team Foundation Build, has written a blog post on how to resolve post-upgrade issues with your build workflow if your 2010 build workflow uses custom workflow activities that use the TFS client object model. Your custom assemblies need update, or else, redirecting Loading your custom assemblies in the TFS 11 build ...

Running only impacted tests in TFS 2010 Build

Richard Hundhausen pointed out this blog post recently, and I thought I’d mention it here.  Rob Maher walks through the process of setting up a build definition to run only the tests that involve the code that was changed. TFS 2010 Build - Only run impacted tests If your tests take a long time to run, you may wish to only run ...

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