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Davide Mauri

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If you want to start coding and create your own solutions – be it an App, a Website or something else – or if you want to start a career as developer, you’re in luck!

There has never been so many and so good training material around, and – even better – available for free. Last addition to the amazing long list of videos and resources is the Javascript for Beginners series:

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Beginner’s Series to: JavaScript – 51 Videos

Javascript is nowadays ubiquitous, being used both on the front-end for making web pages more modern and responsive, and also on the back-end to power even the most demanding services.

This series adds up to the existing ones:

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Python for Beginners – 44 Videos

Python is the language for Data Scientists and Machine Learning (just coming to my mind as examples: Pandas and PyTorch) and is also extremely powerful to create back-end API (eg: Flask or Django) or data processing pipelines (PySpark or Apache Airflow).

Then you have Azure SQL which is a great post-relational multi-model modern database with many features to cover the majority of uses cases – from very simplex to extremely demanding – with also extremely high scalability and impressive performance capabilities.

Sooner or later you’ll need a database in your solution. Here’s a series of videos to learn how to master Azure SQL from A to Z:

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Azure SQL for Beginners – 61 Videos

Having been lucky enough to have pleasure to work with all the people you see in the videos, I can tell you that those videos are really, really good. They have been done by people with great passion not only for the technology itself, but also for sharing and helping others to learn. These videos are really amazing.

Beside videos, if you also like a more self-paced learning approach you can use Azure Learn too:

Azure SQL fundamentals – 6 Modules

And, last but not least, a series of end-to-end samples to learn how to put everything together and create secure, scalable and performant solutions, just by following a learning-by-doing approach, as code is open and available on GitHub:

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End-To-End Samples

More will keep coming, but I guess you this is enough to get started. With the knowledge shared in these resources, you can build amazing stuff!

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  • wilmer alexander jimenez Granda 0

    Hola Davide, saludos desde Venezuela. Quería decirte que la serie de videos Javascript for Beginners está genial. si pudieran doblar en español la serie de videos, sería de gran ayuda para todas las personas latinas que no dominamos muy bien el inglés.

  • saint4eva 0

    So being a rounded-fullstack developer means only javascript and python?

    • Davide MauriMicrosoft employee 0

      And SQL/Databases.

      Of course not, the first thing a developer needs to learn, is that learning never ends. For someone new to the job, gaining knowledge in Javascript, Python and SQL means that they can start to look for full-stack, front-end or back-end jobs. Given that the resources are free and they are of very high quality, that’s a big deal IMHO. Of course then one may also decide to learn .NET, so looking forward for when we’ll also release a Beginner’s Series for .NET Core. And then I would also encourage to take a look at Design Patterns, Data Modeling, Distributed System….but let’s start making the first step.

  • christian downs 0

    So I just finished a full stack C#/.NET development course through a boot camp and have been having trouble finding my first job do you have any suggestions to get your first position without a degree?

    • Davide MauriMicrosoft employee 0

      First of all let me give you my best wishes to find a job. If you are looking for full-stack positions, certainly knowing JavaScript will help. Beside that, make also sure to work on something and post what you do on GitHub, that will help any technical interviewer to get a better sense of your technical knowledge. Coding challengs websites can help if you are out of ideas. (For example:

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