Abhiman Tiwari

Program Manager, Azure SQL

Abhiman Tiwari is a Program Manager on the Azure SQL team at Microsoft. In his previous roles, he has worked as a Web Developer/ Tech-lead, developed several software applications/ products majorly in .NET and related technologies, and done a lot of .NET debugging, reverse engineering, and web application performance tuning.

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Announcing General Availability of Change Data Capture (CDC) on Azure SQL Database

We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of change data capture (CDC) in Azure SQL Database. What is Change data capture (CDC)? CDC provides historical change information for a user table by capturing both the fact that Data Manipulation Language (DML) changes (insert / update / delete) were made and the changed data. ...

Create REST API in Python with Django, using the Django REST Framework and Azure SQL

Django is a Python-based open-source web framework. It is a popular and well-liked web framework among developers all around the world. But wouldn't it be amazing to build a website with Django while also taking advantage of Azure SQL database's security, performance, high availability, and other great capabilities? In this article, we will...

Saving Bot Activities in Azure SQL Database

In this blog post, we’ll walkthrough of how to integrate Bot Framework v4 SDK with Azure SQL Database and save Bot activities/ conversations into the database. We’ll leverage Bot.Builder.Community.Storage.EntityFramework package to save conversations using EntityFrameworkTranscriptStore with TranscriptLoggerMiddleware into Azure SQL...

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