Visual Studio for Mac as the default editor for Unity

Jb Evain

Unity is a powerful solution to create games for a multitude of platforms, from mobiles to consoles, desktop and web games. Since Unity 5.2, Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Tools for Unity have been the default experience on Windows.

When we released Visual Studio for Mac last year, Unity was among the first scenarios we supported out of the box. I’m happy to share that Unity will include Visual Studio for Mac as the default for macOS developers starting with version 2018.1.

This means that everyone will be able to utilize the benefits of the .NET 4.6 scripting runtime upgrade in Unity (currently an experimental feature) , including all the goodies of C# 6.0 and access to the Microsoft Azure SDK to add powerful cloud services to your games. This is all in addition to the existing one-click debugging, customized solution pad, IntelliSense autocompletion, and many more productivity features.

Check out my post “Unity game development with Visual Studio for Mac” for more information on all that Visual Studio for Mac has to offer for Unity developers, or watch the video below on how Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac boost your development productivity.

You can also read Unity’s announcement for more details.

To get started today, download Visual Studio for Mac and set it as the default editor in Unity. Visual Studio Community for Mac is free to use for students, open-source and individual developers, as well as small teams. Check out the license terms for more information.

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