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AI-assisted Coding Comes to Java in Visual Studio IntelliCode
Visual Studio IntelliCode is a set of AI-assisted capabilities that aims to improve developer productivity with features like contextual IntelliSense, code formatting and style rule inference. We are happy to introduce AI-assisted IntelliSense to Java with IntelliCode Extension for VS Code.
Supporting Jetty for Java in Visual Studio Code
Eclipse Jetty is a popular web server and servlet container in Java community. We’ve released a new Jetty extension for Visual Studio Code that makes it easy to run and deploy WAR packages (Web Application aRchive), operate your Jetty servers, and interact with your application from within the editor. Today this extension includes the follow
Supporting JUnit 5 in Visual Studio Code
After supporting the widely adopted JUnit 4 with the Java Test Runner extension for Visual Studio Code, we’ve received suggestions to add additional test frameworks, like JUnit 5 and TestNG. We’ve added initial support for JUnit 5, including running, debugging test cases as well as test report. Please give us a try and let us know your fee
Hot Code Replacement for Java comes to Visual Studio Code
Hot code replacement (HCR), which doesn't require a restart, is a fast debugging technique in which the Java debugger transmits new class files over the debugging channel to another JVM. With this new feature in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), you can start a debugging session and change a Java file in your development environment, and the debug
New Visual Studio Code Extensions for Java Developers: Maven, Tomcat, and Checkstyle
Alongside the release of Debugger for Java and Java Test Runner this week, we're welcoming a few new members to our Visual Studio Code Java Extension family. We think you'll find them helpful for your Java development when you’re dealing with maven, Tomcat or making sure your Java code to follow the standard styles. Maven Project Explorer Ma
Visual Studio Code Java Debugger Adding Step Filter and Expression Evaluation
Happy new year! We’d like to thank you all for using Visual Studio Code for your Java development as well as for sharing your feedback. Within just three months, we’ve published 5 releases for our Debugger for Java extension for Visual Studio Code and received 400K+ downloads. With our new 0.5.0 release, we’re adding two new exciting fea
Announcing JUnit Support for Visual Studio Code
Today, we’re pleased to release a new extension to our Visual Studio Code Java extension family - Test Runner/Debugger for Java. It’s a lightweight test runner/debugger with below features we hope you will like. Same as the Debugger for Java, this is also an open source project. Please check out the github page https://gith
Run and Debug Java 9 in Visual Studio Code
In the past 3 weeks, we’ve continued to see a lot of people installing and trying our tools, reading our documents, and visiting our repository. We’ve also seen a number of new issues opened by the Java community. Thank you all for trying our tools and providing feedback, all of which is motivating us to make VS Code a better tool for Java
Open Sourcing the Java Debugger for Visual Studio Code
Since we first released our Java Debugger extension for Visual Studio Code on September 28, it quickly became the most trending extension of the month. And of course, lots of feedback and suggestions were submitted from our active developer community. You shared, we listened. In this quick follow up release, we’re open sourcing both our Java