Microsoft JDConf 2024 Announces Keynote Speaker and Breakout Sessions – Java, Cloud and AI

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Microsoft JDConf 2024 is just around the corner, making it the go-to event for Java developers everywhere. With 21 sessions, more than 10 hours of live streaming content, and even more to watch on-demand from March 27 to 28, this conference is your free ticket to the latest in Java technology, best practices, and what is next. Whether you are interested in JVM improvements, generative AI, cloud deployments, or just getting better at Java development, JDConf has something for everyone. We are also grateful for the huge number of breakout session proposals we got from the community. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. JDConf is built for you, offering a sneak peek at the future of Java.


The Trio of Java, Cloud and AI: JDConf Keynote


We are thrilled to announce the keynote session for JDConf 2024, which will be led by Julia Liuson, the President of Microsoft Developer Division and GitHub. Julia’s talk will focus on the strong connection between Java coding, cloud technology, AI, and the power of our community. She will show us how Microsoft is helping Java developers fully realize their potential, making it easier for them to develop Java apps with the help of AI and GitHub Copilot, and deploy these apps across various cloud platforms and services. Julia will also talk about Microsoft’s deep partnerships within the Java ecosystem and its commitment to supporting and expanding the Java community. It is going to be an insightful session that highlights how together we are moving Java forward.


Why attend JDConf 2024?


JDConf 2024 is much more than just another conference. It is a gathering that brings together the brightest minds in the Java world. When you attend, you will dive into the newest Java technologies, learn the best ways to do things, and see what is coming next, all taught by experts. It does not matter if you are into the inner workings of JVM, using the cloud, mixing in AI, or just want to code better. JDConf has sessions just for you. As Josh Long, a well-known Spring Developer Advocate from Broadcom, says, “It has never been a better time to be a Java and Spring Boot developer, especially in this new age of Java, cloud, and generative AI. Join me at JDConf to learn why.” So, if you are looking to stay ahead in Java, JDConf 2024 is the place to be.

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Figure 1: Your quick guide to JDConf 2024: cheat sheet for the keynote and breakout sessions happening across three regions. Do not miss out on planning your perfect conference experience!

Check out our breakout sessions tailored for each region – explore the schedule to find the sessions relevant to you, wherever you are in the world … These sessions are designed to give you a deep dive into the latest Java technologies and innovations, helping you stay ahead in your development journey.


Microsoft JDConf 2024 Americas


  • Cache Me If You Can: Speed Up Your JVM With Project Valhalla by Theresa Mammarella (IBM): Learn how Project Valhalla aims to change the JVM game by making data objects work better and faster in memory. This session will cover what the project is about, its current progress, and how it could make Java run smoother and more efficiently.


  • Empowering Quarkus Applications with AI and OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes by Daniel Oh (Red Hat) and Brian Benz (Microsoft): Discover how to make your Java apps smarter using the Quarkus framework on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You’ll see the perks of using Azure’s Kubernetes and how GitHub Copilot can make setting up telemetry a breeze.


  • Paving a Painless Path to Production AI in your Java Applications by Mark Heckler (Microsoft): Dive into how to add AI into your Java apps easily with Spring Boot, Java, and Azure OpenAI. Mark Heckler will show you a hands-on coding journey, making AI integration straightforward without needing to rebuild your app.


  • From Zero to Java Hero: Visual Studio Code Mastery by Loiane Groner (Citibank): Boost your Java coding with Visual Studio Code. This session will guide you through using smart code completion, working on your code locally, and connecting to databases, all aimed at making your development work faster and smarter.


  • Instant Coffee: How to Eliminate Java Performance Warmup by Simon Ritter (Azul Systems): Simon Ritter explores ways to get your Java applications running quickly, comparing methods like Graal Native Image, JIT compilation profiles, and JIT-as-a-Service to cut down or get rid of warm-up delays.


  • Spring AI: Streamlining Java Enterprise AI Development and Deployment by Mark Pollack (Broadcom): Get to know Spring AI, a new framework that makes adding AI to Java enterprise apps simple. This session will walk you through everything from importing data to deploying AI applications with Azure Spring Apps, aiming to streamline your development process.


Microsoft JDConf 2024 Asia-Pacific


  • Bootiful Spring Boot 3 by Josh Long (Broadcom): Get a deep dive into the newest updates of Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3. This session will cover the shift to Java 17, adoption of Jakarta EE, support for GraalVM-native images, and the innovative Spring AOT engine, offering a peek into the future of Spring.


  • Virtual Threads in Action by Daniel Kec (Oracle): Discover how virtual threads from Project Loom are changing the game in concurrent programming. Learn about the Helidon Nima framework, designed to make full use of these new capabilities for creating efficient and maintainable applications.


  • Optimize Java Apps for High Traffic Scenarios by Nikita Nallamothu (Microsoft) and Sandra Ahlgrimm (Microsoft): Pick up techniques to keep your Java applications running smoothly under heavy traffic. This session will show you how to use Azure Load Testing and Apache JMeter for traffic simulation and performance tuning.


  • Maximize Azure Container Apps for Seamless Deployment and Execution by Sean Li (Microsoft): Learn how Azure Container Apps can make deploying your Java applications easier. Sean will explain how to use cloud-native Buildpacks and containerization to make app deployment more efficient.


  • Leveraging Generative AI for Java Service Enhancement by Yoshio Terada (Microsoft): This session will focus on how to enhance your Java services with generative AI. It will cover choosing the right AI models, implementing responsible AI practices, and using Azure OpenAI to improve your Java applications.


  • Improving HotSpot Scalar Replacement by Cesar Soares (Microsoft): Cesar will talk about making Java run faster by improving scalar replacement and escape analysis in the OpenJDK HotSpot VM. Learn about the challenges and how overcoming them can boost your Java application’s performance.


  • Building Generative AI Applications with Azure Cosmos DB and Java by Manish Sharma (Microsoft): Explore how to use Azure Cosmos DB with Java to create AI-driven applications. This session highlights the power of vector databases and how they can be integrated with Azure OpenAI to build scalable, intelligent applications.


Microsoft JDConf 2024 EMEA


  • Java Meets AI: How to Build LLM-Powered Applications with LangChain4j by Lize Raes (Open Tide): Learn how to use the LangChain4j framework to build AI-powered apps in Java. This session will teach you to make chatbots, process lots of data, and automate tasks using big AI models and popular tools like OpenAI and Spring Boot.


  • Sparking Developer Joy: Elevating Developer Experience with VSCode Java by Nick Zhu (Microsoft), Mohit Suman, (Red Hat) and Roland Grunberg (Red Hat): Find out how the VSCode Java IDE extension makes Java development better. Discover new features, tools to help you code faster, and how Red Hat and Microsoft are working together to improve this tool.


  • Mastering Testcontainers for Better Integration Tests by Oleg Šelajev (AtomicJar): Dive into Testcontainers to learn how to use disposable containers for testing. This session will show you how to debug, build services, and use Testcontainers for both testing and development.


  • Semantic Kernel for Java by Rory Preddy (Microsoft): Explore the Semantic Kernel, an SDK that combines regular coding with AI. Learn about its features, like prompts and templating, to add smart functions to your Java apps.


  • What’s Coming in Jakarta EE 11? by Reza Rahman (Microsoft): Get a sneak peek at Jakarta EE 11, learn about new features, and find out how you can help shape its development. This session offers insight into the future of Java enterprise development.


  • Fast And Lightweight Spring Boot Applications With GraalVM by Alina Yurenko (Oracle): Learn how to use GraalVM to turn Spring Boot applications into fast, efficient native executables. Discover the benefits of faster startup and less memory use, and how to apply them to your projects.


  • How to Keep Your Spring Boot Projects Up-to-Date by Martin Lippert (Broadcom): Keeping up with Spring Boot updates is essential. This session will introduce tools and tips for updating your projects easily, with a focus on using Spring Tools for VSCode.


These sessions are packed with practical advice and innovative ideas to help you stay ahead in Java development, from AI and testing to performance and keeping your projects current.

RSVP now engage, learn, and drive Java forward!

Do not miss out – RSVP now and be part of the future of Java at JDConf 2024! We are calling all Java enthusiasts and developers around the globe to join us for a two-day event on March 27 and 28. This is more than just a conference. It is a chance to engage with the community, learn from the experts, and help drive Java technology forward. Get ready to dive into deep Java insights, connect with fellow developers, and discover the latest innovations that are shaping the world of Java. Let us  gather to celebrate our passion for Java, share knowledge, and explore new possibilities together. Make sure you are there to push the boundaries of what Java can do.

RSVP now at and let’s make JDConf 2024 a milestone event for Java and its community. See you there!

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