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News, updates, and insights for Java development with Microsoft tools, Azure services, and OpenJDK.

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – February 2022

Hi everyone, welcome to the February update of Visual Studio Code Java and this time we have a special edition for education! Many schools are back in session after the winter holidays, and in order to provide student and educators a better experience using Java on Visual Studio Code this semester, we have been making a series of improvements ...

Additions and Updates to Microsoft Build of OpenJDK

Today we are excited to share two new additions to the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK family of LTS (Long Term Support) binaries: OpenJDK 11 and OpenJDK 17 binaries for Alpine Linux, and OpenJDK 11 for macOS on Apple Silicon. Other platforms have also been updated to the latest versions of OpenJDK following the tags 11.0.14 and 17.0.2. As ...

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