Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.11.08

Sasha Rosenbaum

This week, Microsoft Ignite brought our team to sunny Orlando, Florida, along with thousands of professionals leveraging Microsoft technologies around the globe. To give you a taste of the event, this week’s post features some of the recordings of the community-driven Microsoft Ignite sessions dedicated to Azure DevOps.

How to run the Global DevOps Bootcamp community event (with 10.000 participants) on Azure
Community is tremendously important to all of us. Technical communities allow professionals from around the globe to share their experiences and collaborate, making the world a better place. But communities rarely simply emerge and sustain themselves, they require a lot of volunteer effort and support. In this 20-minute session, Marcel de Vries shares the experience of running a global community event with 10,000 participants, delivering training on Azure DevOps and Azure solutions. Marcel walks us through the architecture, logistics, setup, and learnings from the event. As an event-organizer myself, I am in awe of the success of a technical event at such a tremendous scale!

Azure DevOps for Power Platform ISVs
Software development comes in many shapes, but automation has been slower to arrive in some fields compared to others. Many of our Dynamics 365 customers and partners are building custom applications, but it used to be difficult to follow the CI/CD practices for app deployments in this space. In this 20-minute session, Mohamed Mostafa walks us through how to set up automated deployments for Dynamics 365 applications using the new Azure DevOps Power Apps build tools.

Azure Pipelines: Evolving from designer to YAML
There are many benefits to YAML pipelines, including the fact that your pipeline can be versioned and checked into source control along with your code, and the easier customization of your pipeline tasks. However, if you are used to building pipelines in the UI, the new experience may be confusing and even discouraging. In this 45-minuite session, Ernesto Cardenas Cangahuala teaches us how to leverage your existing experience with the UI pipeline designer in the new YAML pipeline world.

H&M’s quest of bringing world-class developer experience with Azure and DevOps
I absolutely love to hear the real-world stories of success from customers using our tools. Knowing that we help improve people’s experience with delivering software is what brings us to work every day! In this 20-minute session, Jakob Knutsson and Mikael Sjödin from H&M share their experience of the enterprise-wide adoption of Azure DevOps in the span of just three months. The session covers the learnings, the challenges, and the outcomes of the onboarding. Thank you Jakob and Mikael!

Exam Prep | AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
This 75-minute session by Dwight Goins covers the exam preparation for the certification exam Az-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions. The session is an overview of the topics covered in the exam, including managing development teams, managing source code, automating builds, tests, packaging, versioning, and deployments. If you are looking to take the exam, this session will give you a very useful start.

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