New with Azure Artifacts: public and project-scoped feeds

Addie Andreeva

Azure Artifacts, part of Azure DevOps, is a package and binary management service supporting .NET (NuGet), Java (Maven), Python (PyPi) and JavaScript (npm) packages. We undertook a lot of impactful work in the past couple of months, spanning from completely new features to performance improvements to our main UX. We are excited to announce the general availability of two key features: Public Feeds, and the Feed Recycle Bin.

Share your packages publicly with Public Feeds

You can now create and store your packages inside public feeds. Packages stored within public feeds are publicly available to anyone on the Internet, without requiring authentication with any Azure DevOps account. Learn more about public feeds in our feeds documentation, or jump right into our tutorial for sharing packages publicly

Project-Scoped Feeds

We released Project-Scoped Feeds together with Public Feeds; you can read more about feed scoping in the documentation. Until now, all feeds were scoped to an organization and were visible from any project, and we heard feedback that this was sometimes counter-intuitive given how users like to organize their accounts. You can see which feeds are project-scoped and which are organization-scoped in the feed picker.

Feed Recycle Bin

We recently introduced the Feed Recycle Bin, which stores deleted feeds for up to 30 days, allowing users to restore or permanently delete them. The concept of a package recycle bin already exists and the feed recycle bin will help prevent issues or downtime due to an accidental deletion of an entire feed.

Performance improvements

We made some performance improvements to our backend that resulted in significantly shorter load times for feeds, especially large ones. We saw a 300% improvement in load time for our biggest (99th percentile) feeds from 4 seconds to 1 second, with an average decrease of around 50ms for all feeds.

Get started with Azure Artifacts

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for Azure Artifacts as part of Azure DevOps Services.

We look forward to hearing what you think and continue to work on making package and binary management as effortless as can be. If you have feedback, please let us know on Developer Community or via Twitter @AzureDevOps.


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  • Kirsten Kluge 0


    where can I find the feed recycle bin?
    I deleted a private feed to create a new public feed with the same name and can not find the recycle bin.

    Thanks in advance,

  • LuisDiego Chavarría Ledezma 0

    Where can I documentation about how to create an organization scooped feed?
    I’m able to find documentation only for the APIs, but not on the web gui.


  • Maximiliano Angulo 0


    Is this fature available on Azure Dev Ops Server on premise?
    I can´t find how to create public feed.

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