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DevOps Dojo – Customers & Trust

In this blog, we discuss how DevOps Dojo helps customers with trust. We deep dive into ten most frequently encountered scenarios in customer’s environments; applying Dojo guiding principles in addressing customer’s complex and complicated problems in DevOps; Offering holistic and modular solutions to empower customers to do more.

DevOps Fireside Chats – March 2021 Review

Damian Brady and Abel Wang joined host Jay Gordon to discuss Agile Development. We take live questions and try to work out some of the tools, processes, and cultural changes associated with adopting an agile mindset. We look at the differentiation in different development management models and how to implement them for your team.

AzureFunBytes – Ansible on Azure

There are so many tools to use to build your cloud infrastructure to choose from. Getting details on what options are available to you can help you determine the best path forward in your DevOps journey. Ansible is an open-source automation tool that allows you to codify your process of Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery. ...

AzureFunBytes – Dapr on Azure

AzureFunBytes - Dapr on Azure Each week on AzureFunBytes, we dive into the tools and products that make up the foundations of using Azure. This week we dive into microservices and how our distributed applications can thrive on Azure. One tool that really helps drive productivity and helps developers build reliable and resilient applications...