New Boards Hub, Sprint 209 Update

Dan Hellem

We fixed a bunch more issues for New Boards Hub in sprint 209. Here is a list of the items that have been resolved.

As always, if you find anything, please email me directly or post a comment below.

Issue Description
OnBlur instead of onChange Work items are using the onBlur instead of onChange to determine if the work item is ready to be saved.
Sprint filter to show most recent at top On Sprints, the sprint filter should scroll and highlight to the current active sprint.
Searching for existing links error Errors using search when adding existing links to a work item.
Work item details and days off Work item detail numbers are not taking days off into account.
Back to query issue Clicking “Back to query” on the work item, the selected item is not being highlighted in the results.
Sprint filter when changing sprints Sprint filter is not holding values or applying filter when switching sprints.
Area Path or Iteration Path on form Customizing a WIT and adding Area Path or Iteration fields to the form is not being displayed properly.
Tab with all hidden fields A tab with all hidden fields on it should be not appear on the form.
CSV import issues Several issues with CSV import such as filters not working and the hierarchy not saving.
Team capacity issues Team capacity not saving when making a change to a user. Days off calculation is off by a day.
Saving empty Definition of Done Unable to save an empty Definition of Done for the Kanban column.
Switching sprints error message When changing sprints, the “Sorry, something went wrong” illustration appears before loading the page.
Hosted XML drop downs Organizations using Hosted XML experienced issued with pick lists not showing ALLOWEDVALUES.
Remaining work rounding Remaining work values are not being rounded to only two decimal places.
Ordering cards in New column Unable to drag and drop cards in the first column on the Kanban board.

Note: Although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks.

If you have not tried the New Boards Hub yet, please do. We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is ready for prime time to replace the existing hub. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.


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  • Michael Taylor 0

    I found a formatting issue when using the board to copy work items as HTML. When you select one or more work items and then Copy as HTML it creates an HTML table. In our case the table contains the parent work item so the HTML has the parent work item ID. However the parent work item ID is formatted with grouping (e.g. 1,234) instead of as just an ID.

    Unfortunately I cannot put a screenshot in but it looks something like this.

    Work Item Type

    User Story
    Do Something

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 1

      Thanks for reporting this. We will spin up and bug and get it fixed!

  • Michael Taylor 0

    I’m having another issue since I switched to the new board but it might be just coincidence. I’m in the sprint backlog with the list of work items. I click a work item and make a change to it, save and close. I’m returned to the sprint backlog. If I then select several of its child items and edit them using the context menu then I get an unexpected error. Refreshing the page solves the issue.

    I have a similar issue when I go into a work item detail page. If I make a change to the work item and save it. But instead of closing the details I attempt to add/remove/change the type of a child link then I get a similar error. It seems like the UI is having an issue with change detection. It seems like it is not refreshing its change detection token (if any) when saving changes. Subsequent attempts to change the work item cause an error saying the item has changed and you need to refresh first.

    I believe the 2 issues I’m seeing are related.

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Michael, can you email me directly with a screen capture to help us debug this?

  • Jin LeeMicrosoft employee 0

    Hi Dan,
    A customer of mine has found that the Date/Time fields with the NewBoardsHubs update seems to now exclude the TIME from the field.
    With NewBoardsHubs turned off, the Date/Time field would display information such as “9/8/2022 12:00 AM“, but with the NewBoardsHub ON, the field only displays the date information “9/8/2022”.
    Is there a way to add the time back such that it can be edited through the date selector and also display on the field?

    • Sebastian Schütze 0

      Saw that as well. And funny enough. One built-in field supporting the old way was found.

      But the bigger problems with our internal customers we had was. That they didn’t find it very efficient because they had to edit now two fields instead of one. That is more clicks and take more time if you must do a series of work item editing.

      • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

        Sebastian, we populate the time with a default time when you add a date. That should help with the clicks. Let us know if you would rather see something different.

        • Sebastian Schütze 0

          For many of our departments they said that sometimes the time is irrelevant and seems to be confusing. Especially for a target date often the time is not important.

          It would be great if there would be an option to make sure that the time is not even shown on a work item.

          Is that feasible? The greatest implementation in my opinion would he to be able to control this in a custom process at the control in the work item form.

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Yeah, if you take a look at the Start Date and Target Date fields, this is how we would like to proceed on all date fields moving forward. We wanted to get some feedback first.

  • Bruce Stewart 1

    Hello, I noticed a bug with setting a contact in the Approved By field. If you have two accounts with the same display name it throws an error that the name is ambiguous and will not let you select either one.
    An example error:

    The value ‘Cory Hutchinson’ for field ‘Approved By’ is ambiguous with ‘Cory Hutchinson;Cory Hutchinson‘. Provide a unique name for this field.

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Does this behave differently when New Boards Hub is turned off?

  • Alireza I.m 1

    Thanks. this is helpful to me and my issue is fixed …
    my blog:

  • Brian Baker 0

    I have turned off the new boards hub preview for 1 specific layout issue. Our board has 7 columns on it. With the preview on, I have to scroll horizontally to see all the data. With the preview off, I can see all the columns without scrolling.

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Hello Brian. Sorry, this is not going to change. The web platform we use across the entire product now has different spacing and styling.

      • Brian Baker 0

        That’s unfortunate. It seems odd to have the feature to collapse the New and Done columns, and yet that no longer gives the ability to see more of your content. 🙁

    • Paul Cooper 0

      work-around: Not ideal but could you zoom out “1 notch” / to 90% in the browser when looking at that view?

  • Martin Green 0

    Like the new board but a few issues I noticed:

    1. Task board isn’t displaying user stories in the order declared within the “Backlog” tab (e.g. user stories with order of “38”, “39” and “40” are displayed first on the sprint board – don’t know if this helps but these user stories were created and assigned to the sprint after the sprint had started).

    2. Work item “state” field on the sprint board is only as wide as the value. This means it’s more difficult to click on the field when value is set as “New”. The “assigned to” field does not behave in this way – it behaves as expected.

    3. When you click on the filter button to expose the filter bar, clicking on the “clear filters” button doesn’t close the bar like it does on other areas of DevOps.

    p.s. None of the above issues are apparent in the old view.

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