New Boards Hub, Sprint 208 Update

Dan Hellem

Since the March announcement of the New Boards Hub, our team has collected a lot of your feedback. Thank you! We have been hard at work addressing the issues. Every week the experience gets better and better. The issues backlog is getting smaller, and we are getting closer to where we can enable the New Boards Hub as the primary experience. We thought it was a good time to start sharing the bugs we have fixed in the latest sprint so you can view our progress and re-test any issues you may have found in the past.

As always, if you find anything, please email me directly or post a comment below.

Issue Description
Sprint board showing random error Sprint board showing random error. Tied to configuring or clicking on a boolean field on the card.
Area path value resets when re-opening work item Area path values getting reset to previous value when opening and editing on the kanban board.
Boards page is empty Invalid card conditions in rules caused page from rendering.
Date and time field issues Date and Time fields not showing time field properly.
Errors for style rules that have macros Style rules that contain macros (@Today) will create an error on page.
Extension size, display, and scrolling issues Extension contribution points not sizing and scrolling properly. Some extensions showing multiple navigation menu items. Example, the Mulitvalue control not working.
@TeamAreas macro not working in queries When @TeamAreas macro is selected in Area Path condition, the list of teams is not being populated.
Boolean field default value in query results Boolean fields are not show the default “false” value in query results. Showing as empty.
Opening work item from search Unable to open a work item when searching from the root of the organization.
Moved to position on Kanban for stakeholders Move to position feature should not be available for stakeholders.
Task board error when reaching work item limit Task board shows hard error when reaching the work item limit. Should show friendly message and svg.
Creating work item with filter on When creating a new work item with the filter applied, you should still see the newly created item regardless.
Incorrect order when filter is applied Ordering of backlog changes when the filter is applied.
Work item template issues Capturing and applying templates not working
CSV import issues CSV import is not keeping the parent-child relationships on import. “Save Items” button is disabled in some cases. Errors opening work items that have not been saved.
Planning pane Dragging and dropping items to a sprint on the planning page causes errors. Dragging to iteration does not set the iteration path correctly. Dragging parent should include only open tasks.
Errors when re-ordering backlog Using drag and drop to re-order backlog or board causes error banner to show.
Shortcuts Review and make sure all keyboard shortcuts are working as expected.
Remaining work calculation Remaining work calculations not working on sprint board.

*Note: Although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks. *

If you have not tried the New Boards Hub yet, please do. We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is ready for prime time to replace the existing hub. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.


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    So cool to see the sprints coming back ! Starting with fixes but soon new WITs (I hope :P) !

    long live AzDO

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    you gays are amazing thanks a lot
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    Hi thank you for this piece of information.

    Glad that you are working on these updates now. Was really looking forward to it.

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