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DevOps Dojo – OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

In the Dojo White Belt Master Class, the first session is OKR fundamentals. In this session, we answer these top 20 questions related to OKRs, then we ask participants to set their team OKRs for the rest of the class. Every day, each team checks their progress towards their committed OKRs and aspirational OKRs. On the ...

DevOps Dojo: Lean Product – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of the DevOps Dojo – Lean Product series, we covered the why, what, and how of the product-centric model and lean product model as outlined in the White & Orange Belts of the DevOps Dojo. In this third and last part of the Lean Product series, we will take on a view from 10,000 feet above and explore how adopting a ...

Work Item Revision Limits

Every time a work item is updated, it creates an entry in the work item history. This is a great feature for users to track all the individual changes made to work items. However, we have seen organizations with automated tools that will generate tens of thousands of work item revisions. It creates issues with performance and usability on the ...

DevOps for Java on Azure

Azure loves Java, bring your favorite tools and frameworks to Azure! In this 3-part series of our DevOps for Java Shops, Brian Benz stops by to highlight the easiest ways for Java developers to work with their IT organizations and partners to deliver their code to the cloud, including the best ways to reliably make updates and maintain ...

DevOps Dojo: Lean Product – Part 2

DevOps Dojo: Lean Product has three parts; this is Part 2. In this blog, we discuss why lean product, what is lean product, how to approach lean product, and then we demonstrate How we apply lean product to build our own lean product in Dojo. Finally, we ask a question if we should scale process or scale leaders.

DevOps Dojo: Lean Product – Part 1

DevOps Dojo: Lean Product has three parts; this is Part 1. In this blog, we provide some historical info about Lean Product in DevOps Dojo; then we explain why use a product-centric model, compare project vs. product, deep dive various roles and transition strategy, finally discuss product-centric model at services.

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