What’s new in Azure DevOps Sprint 157

Sasha Rosenbaum

Sprint 157 has just finished rolling out to all organizations and you can check out all the new features in the release notes. Here are some of the features that you can start using today.

Azure Boards: rollup

You can now track the progress of parent items using the Rollup feature on Azure Boards backlog. For instance, you can track the progress on a work item by seeing what percentage of its descendant items has been closed.

Azure Repos: add more than one reviewer in a group

When adding a group of reviewers for a pull request, you can now set policies that require more than one reviewer from that group to approve it. You can also add a policy to prevent requestors from approving their own changes.

Azure Repos: resolve work items via commits using keywords

You can now resolve work items via commits made to the default branch by using keywords like fix, fixes, or fixed. For example, you can write – “this change fixed #476” in your commit message and work item #476 will be completed when the commit is pushed or merged into the default branch.

Azure Artifacts: get latest Universal Package with semantic versioning wildcard

Inspired by a popular developer community request, we added the ability to get the latest Universal Package version using SemVer wildcard syntax, instead of pinning the specific version. The feature is available in both the Universal Package Azure Pipelines task and the Azure CLI.

Azure Pipelines: service hooks for YAML pipelines

Service hooks now have deeper integration with multi-stage YAML pipelines, allowing you to set up triggers for pipeline stage-specific states. You can, for instance, trigger an alert when a stage approval is required.

General: Get personalized notifications with @mention support in Slack apps

Now, the Azure Boards app for Slack, Azure Repos app for Slack and Azure Pipelines app for Slack will use @mentions in notifications to alert users, such as work item owners, build creators and release approvers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty more features that we’ve released in Sprint 157. Check out the full list of features for this sprint in the release notes.


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  • Mike Walter 0

    How do I turn on the rollup feature? I do not see it in the Column options drop down list.


    • Rachel Kisler 0

      I don’t see it either. Please advice.

      • Iannucci, Mark 0

        I found it in the backlogs section. I turned it on and unfortunately, I get a small (i) icon which says TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of null.

        I opened an issue in Developer Community related to this problem.

    • Mike Walter 0

      The rollup feature appeared last night for us.


  • Klaus, Jesse 0

    Starting today I’m seeing a build which targets the “Hosted VS2017” pool executing on the “Azure Pipelines” pool. Is anyone else seeing issues like this? It seems like its not respecting the name filter.
    Note: this build is lazily relying on the pool.name filtering to satisfy its undocumented demands: VS2017, .Net Core, etc.

    • Klaus, Jesse 0

      So it seems that the job.pool.name is no longer filtering correctly. I added job.pool.vmImage which got me back to the correct pool. However- the agents no longer seem to have .net core installed, or at least not 2.0.3 which is still listed as being installed per the documentation. At least Repos didn’t go down for a few hours this time 😉

  • Ping Fung Yin 0

    How do I access the new roll up feature? It still has not shown up within our organization.

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