Hosting a Capture-the-Flag event on Azure

Guidance for setting up a self-hosted, scalable, secured, and easy to maintain CTFd environment, using nothing Azure Platform as a Service components.
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X++ And Git: A Basic Setup

Overview In this post we outline the basics of setting up an X++ repository in Git as well as a YAML-based build pipeline which executes against this repository. Background Git is an increasingly popular version control system which sees broad use within the Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) organization at Microsoft. Dynamics 365 for ...

An Approach to Unit Testing ADX Functions

Overview Our application contains many functions that return data stored in Azure Data Explorer (ADX). We wrote these functions in Kusto Query Language (KQL) and each function returns a set of data based on the arguments passed. Although developers tested these functions as they wrote them, we needed a way to validate that the functions ...
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A Search Solution For Video Archive

Background   Azure Video Analyzer enables developers to quickly build an AI-powered video analytics solution to extract actionable insights from videos, whether stored or streaming. It can be used to enhance workplace safety, in-store experiences, digital asset management, media archives, and more by assisting in understanding audio and ...
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