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Build apps for free with Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

With the new Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier, you’ll get the first 400 RU/s throughput and 5 GB storage in your account for free each month, for the lifetime of the account. That means that you can start small and grow with confidence, knowing your app will be running on a high-performance database service.

Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB now supports server version 3.6

What is Azure Cosmos DB? Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service that enables you to read and write data from any Azure region. It offers turnkey global distribution,guarantees single-digit millisecond latency at the 99th percentile, 99.999 percent high availability, with elastic scaling of throughput and ...

What’s new in Azure Cosmos DB: November 2019

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. It offers turn-key global distribution, guarantees single-digit millisecond latency at the 99th percentile, 99.999 percent high availability, and elastic scaling of throughput and storage. For Ignite 2019, we’re excited to announce tons of new ...

Welcome to the Azure Cosmos DB Blog!

Welcome to the new Azure Cosmos DB Team blog. In this blog our team will work hard to provide you with lots of news and information for Azure Cosmos DB. You can come here to get the last news and updates directly from the product team as it happens and also through monthly updates. We will also provide deep technical insights that come ...