Deborah Chen

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Deborah is a program manager on Azure Cosmos DB, focusing on developer experience - SDKs, Portal, Notebooks, autoscale - and customer onboarding.

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Deep dive: New elasticity features for better cost and performance

Over the years, we’ve heard feedback from many you that you’d like more flexibility in how Azure Cosmos DB handles scaling and partitioning. Based on your feedback, we are excited to announce the general availability of three key features - burst capacity, hierarchical partition keys, and serverless container storage of 1 TB – to help ...

Now in private preview: optimize your data distribution with hierarchical partition keys

Hierarchical partition keys are now available in private preview for the Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API. With hierarchical partition keys, also known as sub-partitioning, you can now natively partition your container with up to three levels of partition keys. This enables more optimal partitioning strategies for multi-tenant scenarios or ...

Share your notebooks with Azure Cosmos DB public notebooks gallery

We’re excited to announce two updates to our Azure Cosmos DB notebooks preview. Notebooks are now available in 29 regions, and with the new public gallery, publish and share your notebooks with the broader Azure Cosmos DB community

Run C# notebooks with Azure Cosmos DB

We’re excited to announce new features in the preview of Azure Comsos DB Jupyter Notebooks. With our new C# notebooks and integration with GitHub, working with your Azure Cosmos DB data is now easier than ever.

Autoscale + serverless: new offers to fit any workload

Azure Cosmos DB is excited to announce two new offers: autoscale provisioned throughput (GA) and the upcoming preview of serverless. These offers complement our existing standard (manual) provisioned throughput and ensure that Azure Cosmos DB is, more than ever, a database that delivers the best cost and performance for any kind of workload.

Build apps for free with Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

With the new Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier, you’ll get the first 400 RU/s throughput and 5 GB storage in your account for free each month, for the lifetime of the account. That means that you can start small and grow with confidence, knowing your app will be running on a high-performance database service.

What’s new in Azure Cosmos DB: November 2019

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. It offers turn-key global distribution, guarantees single-digit millisecond latency at the 99th percentile, 99.999 percent high availability, and elastic scaling of throughput and storage. For Ignite 2019, we’re excited to announce tons of new ...