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Sr. Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

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Migration assessment for MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

As more and more businesses are moving their applications to the cloud or looking for improvements in their cloud applications, they are faced with the challenge of choosing the right database solution for their needs. For those who are currently using MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is an attractive option. Azure Cosmos DB offers two ...

Build Intelligent Applications using ChatGPT & Azure Cosmos DB

"Cosmos DB is the go-to database powering the world’s most demanding workloads at any scale. OpenAI relies on Cosmos DB to dynamically scale their ChatGPT service – one of the fastest-growing consumer apps ever – enabling high reliability and low maintenance." - Satya Nadella, Microsoft chairman and chief executive officer As...

Build and deploy containerized apps with Azure Kubernetes Service & Azure Cosmos DB

In today’s digital world, customers expect applications to be feature rich, tailored to their needs, and delivered quickly. For the modern-day business to survive and thrive, applications need to evolve quickly, scale fast and be highly resilient. Businesses need swift innovation through cloud-native architectures to meet these growing ...

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