Govind Kanshi

Principal PM

Govind helps customers build pragmatic solutions. In his daytime he also works on Cosmos DB product features which meet customer requirements.

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Do more with granular control in new backup features for Azure Cosmos DB at low cost

This blog post and the features are brought to you by Vinh Trinh, Mayank Katwal, Amit Singh, Kshittiz Kumar, Vineet Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Chuck Skelton, Sidney Andrews, Joe Dennis, Venkata Sivaramakrishna Ramadugu & Govind Kanshi from the Azure Cosmos DB teamĀ  Azure Cosmos DB team is pleased to share exciting announcements...

Continuous backup with point in time restore now in preview

Azure Cosmos DB now offers continuous backup with point-in-time restore capabilities. This feature can help to recover your database from accidental delete of accounts, containers or mutation of data. The restore can be accomplished through a wide area of tools available on the platform.

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