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Gahl is a Product Manager on the Azure Cosmos DB team.

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Bigger and more secure: new features for Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

During Microsoft Ignite 2022, we announced new, generally available (GA) features in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB that enhance security, auditability, and document size flexibility. How to get started? RBAC and 16MB documents can be enabled on new and existing Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB accounts. Keep in mind that when RBAC and/...

Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB v4.2 Is Here – Three Reasons to Upgrade Now

We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB version 4.2! New aggregation functionality and improved security features, all built on the most scalable database platform make this the best release yet. For a full list of supported features, please read the documentation.

Async IO for the Python SDK is now in preview!

Async IO support for Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK, an important and much-anticipated capability, is now available in preview! Async IO is a concurrent programming method in Python that makes running CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations in parallel easy to do.

Use Indexes for blazing-fast queries on your API for MongoDB Data

What’s better than faster queries – how about an order of magnitude faster queries? That’s what indexes do in the API for MongoDB. Let’s dive into the three things that are most important for MongoDB developers to know about indexing when building their applications on the API for MongoDB.

Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB in the cloud – now easier than ever

On the Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB team, we’ve worked hard to make many improvements in the Azure portal to make the API for MongoDB easy and obvious to use for MongoDB developers.

MongoDB 3.6 lives on in Azure Cosmos DB

Worried about the upcoming MongoDB 3.6 retirement? Don't - Azure Cosmos DB continues to 3.6 and 3.2 support in the API for MongoDB 3.6 and 3.2 for all use cases.

Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB v4.0 Is Here – Three Reasons to Upgrade Now

Announced at Microsoft Ignite, Azure Cosmos DB API for Mongo DB v4.0 is now generally available! Discover exciting new features like multi-document transactions, explore upgrade options, and learn about the top three reasons you should upgrade now.

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