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Now in preview – Support for custom partitioning in Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB

Support for custom partitioning in Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB was announced in preview at Microsoft Ignite. This capability improves query performance by enabling you to partition Azure Cosmos DB analytical store data using keys that are frequently used as query filters.

Now Generally Available – Partial Document Update in Azure Cosmos DB

Check out the new partial document update feature for Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API, announced at Microsoft Ignite. This feature makes it possible to use the Java, .NET, and Node.js SDKs to perform path-level updates to specific fields/properties in a single document without needing to perform a full document read-replace operation.

Now in private preview: optimize your data distribution with hierarchical partition keys

Hierarchical partition keys are now available in private preview for the Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API. With hierarchical partition keys, also known as sub-partitioning, you can now natively partition your container with up to three levels of partition keys. This enables more optimal partitioning strategies for multi-tenant scenarios or ...

A tour of Always Encrypted for Azure Cosmos DB

Always encrypted for Azure Cosmos DB provides encryption support on the client-side to protect sensitive data by encrypting data such as credit card numbers or national identification numbers, before it gets transferred over the wire to be stored in Azure Cosmos DB. Always encrypted allows clients to protect JSON property values which are ...