Updating a team project to use new features after upgrading to TFS 11 Beta

Buck Hodges

[UPDATE 3/12/12] Aaron pointed out Ewald’s recent detailed blog post that walks through adding optional metadata beyond the MSDN article: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2012/03/06/get-your-agile-project-fixed-after-an-upgrade-from-tfs2010-to-tfs11-beta.aspx.

Team Foundation Server 11 Beta can be used to upgrade your existing TFS 2010 or 2008 server and used in production.  We’ll be supporting upgrade from TFS 11 Beta to RC (you’ll very likely need to go from Beta to RC to RTM in order to follow the supported path).  As Jason said in his beta blog post, TFS 11 beta is “go-live,” which means you can use it in production and receive support (details).

Once you upgrade your server, you’ll want to enable new features that require things like new work item types.  We are working on changes that will hopefully make it easier for RC.  Here’s the documentation you’ll need to make the necessary changes.

Updating an Upgraded Team Project to Access New Features

After you upgrade to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta, you can still access the data from team projects that you created in the previous release. By downloading a localized zip file, extracting the files, and running the provided batch file of commands, you can update your team project to use the following new tools for managing the application lifecycle:

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