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Developer on the PIX on Windows team at Microsoft.

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PIX 2008.26: Performance Improvements

Earlier today we released PIX on Windows version 2008.26, featuring a 100,000+ line rewrite of our component that takes GPU Captures. Morgan has described this release’s functional improvements in her blog post, but here we’ll take a closer look at the new performance improvements.    Recap: GPU Captures in PIX on Windows...
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PIX 1908.02 – Fixes for customer issues, plus DXR and New Timing Capture improvements

Today we released PIX 1908.02, which can be downloaded here. This release fixes miscellaneous bugs that were reported to us by customers. It also adds new CPU features to New Timing Captures, and adds some final touches to the new DirectX Raytracing (DXR) Pipeline View in GPU Captures. Thank you everyone who has reported issues to us. As ...

PIX 1903.26 – Occupancy for Turing GPUs and Variable Rate Shading

Today we released PIX-1903.26, available for download here. This release includes support for Variable Rate Shading in GPU Captures, and it adds support for Occupancy on NVIDIA Turing GPUs such as an RTX 2080.   Variable Rate Shading Variable Rate Shading (VRS) is a powerful new DirectX 12 feature that allows applications to ...

PIX 1903.12 – High Frequency Counters

Today we released PIX-1903.12, available for download here. This release includes an exciting new feature in GPU Captures: High Frequency Counters. With High Frequency Counters, developers can plot graphs of GPU hardware counter values over time and correlate ranges of the graphs back to specific events within their GPU Capture. These ...

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