PIX 2312.08: misc bug fixes and improvements

Austin Kinross

Today we released PIX version 2312.08, which can be downloaded here.

This fixes a lot of issues reported to us since our last major PIX release (version 2310.30, details here). Thank you all for reporting these issues. Please keep sending feedback to us through the usual ways, such as emailing us at askwinpix@microsoft.com or contacting us via the DirectX Discord. You may also want to see our Known Issues page.

Here are all of the improvements:

GPU Captures

  • Fix crash capturing applications that use SDL (an HWND subclassing problem)
  • Shader Debugger: Fix issue debugging non-const global statics in UE5
  • Shader Debugger: Fix some issues with multiply-inlined functions
  • Shader Debugger: Fix examination of DXIL return instruction
  • Shader Debugger: Fix issue preventing some local variables outside the immediate scope from being inspected
  • Shader Edit and Continue: Fix issue with DXIL disasm getting out of alignment after editing shaders
  • Export To Cpp: Fix typo and ensure that RESOURCE_DESC1 is used in the proper places
  • Resource/Pixel History: Fix error when application has hit group identifiers in its raygen/miss shader tables
  • Resource/Pixel History: Significantly speed up these features for some applications
  • Fix issue playing back captures with D3D12_RESOURCE_FLAG_RAYTRACING_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE flag
  • Fix viewing stencil when DSV view uses DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN
  • Fix warnings analysis collection when application uses UAV with NULL resource
  • Fix issue breaking capture/replay if app uses CORE_1_0 feature level on device that supports higher feature level

Timing Captures

  • Improve PDB loading speed
  • Fix bug in CPU Sample Element Details not showing stacks





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