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Customer ticketing solution on Kaizala

In this post, I will be exploring on how to get a customer support ticket management system on Kaizala. Instead of sending multiple text messages to give an update on the ticket status, we could just have a rich card that provides the ticket status. And, when there is a change in status, the card could be updated to reflect the latest status.

Sending a reminder for a Kaizala action

This blog discusses how to send reminder for a particular action, such as sending a daily reminder for an ongoing survey, or, in a public group, sending an existing poll / survey / action to a subscriber who has just joined the group. These can be achieved by sending a reminder to the action (poll, survey, custom action, etc.).

Kaizala Excel add-in: Fetch data into Excel

This blog discusses the Kaizala Excel add-in that allows you to quickly get data from Kaizala endpoints without leaving Excel in just a click. All you need is an Excel table within a spreadsheet and a Kaizala account. You could now share the Excel table on Kaizala – which would send out a survey with each column as a question. People on the group could respond to the survey that they received on their phone. When you refresh the table from within Excel, you would get the responses as rows within your table.

Introduction to Kaizala Extensibility

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app for large group communications and work management. In case you are new to Kaizala, you can read more about the product offering here. Briefly, Kaizala allows you to get work done within the context of a conversation / group using actions – which are ‘units of work’. Examples of few actions that come with Kaizala are job, poll, survey, request location, etc.

Getting started with Kaizala APIs

In this post, we will get on boarded to Kaizala APIs and send a message on a group using API. Briefly, we will discuss: Get the Kaizala Postman API collection, Understanding of Kaizala connectors and creating them, Authenticating to Kaizala, and Creating a group and sending a message on Kaizala.