Flow scenario #3: Get YouTube channel updates on Kaizala

Kaizala Developer Platform team

In this post, we would look at how to get YouTube channel updates on Kaizala. You could build similar flows to get updates on various other channels like blogs, Twitter, etc. which would enable you to have all relevant updates in a single group.

In case you are new to Flow or the Kaizala connector, suggest you read this post to get more details.

To post YouTube channel updates on flow, we would go to the Flow website, and create a flow with an RSS trigger pointing to the feed for the relevant channel. The RSS feed link for a YouTube channel typically looks like this:


Then, we would send an announcement on a Kaizala group with the title and link to the video.

For this post, I would be using the link to PowerDrift channel on YouTube whose feed link is:



Create a new flow with and add the RSS trigger and add the feed URL (as shown in the following screenshot).

How to add the RSS feed to trigger


Add the Kaizala action “Send action on a group” and configure the group, action as announcement, Message with the “Primary feed link” and Title with the “Feed Title” from the Dynamic Content pop-up (as shown in the following screenshot).

Send action on a group dialog box

Hit Save and Done – the Flow with YouTube channel updates is ready! The next time there is an update in the channel, you would get an announcement on the group.

A very simple yet powerful way of getting your company or product updates over Kaizala.

Thank you for reading.

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